Bookkeeping Services

Starting at $65 per hour

The preparation of your monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements requires accurate and timely bookkeeping.

AJR Accounting can assist you with:

  • Entering all bank activity

  • Entering credit card charges

  • Entering bills

  • Printing check payments

  • Entering invoices

  • Entering loan payments

  • Preparing journal entries

  • Preparing loan reconciliations

  • Preparing bank reconciliations

  • Preparing credit card reconciliations

  • Setting up bookkeeping systems

  • Training on QuickBooks

  • Preparing accounts receivable aging reports

  • Processing 1099s

  • Communicating with your CPA or tax professional

  • Preparing year end closing procedures



Financial Services

The preparation of financial statements is necessary to assist in making sound business decisions. 

AJR Accounting can prepare the necessary financial statements on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. These reports include:

  • Profit & Loss Statements

  • Balance Sheet Statements

  • Cash Flow Statements



Payroll Services

Starting at $75 per Pay Period

AJR Accounting can process your payroll and all tax related filings for federal and state.

Additionally, we can prepare and file all 1099s for your subcontractors. We would assure the proper forms have been filed with the IRS and all subcontractors receive the forms they need before the deadline.



Tax Services

AJR Accounting provides individual and business tax services for both federal and state filings. Tax laws, tax forms, and IRS reporting requirements can be complex. Here at AJR Accounting, we help our clients by acting as a liaison between you and the IRS. We work closely with you to find the most tax saving strategies that will reduce your tax obligation while expanding your business. Should you have any questions about IRS notices you may receive you can feel confident that we will investigate the notice and find a quick resolution.

Personal: Form 1040-EZ (Non Itemized): Starting at:$125

Personal: Form 1040 (Itemized): Starting at $255

Personal/Business: Form 1040 (Sole Proprietor): Starting at $495

Business Taxes: Starting at $600 (Please click here to contact us)

*Pricing includes filing for federal and state taxes